How visual our holidays be.

As Americans, we are not always the most festive people. Halloween through Christmas has to be the most festive period. Many color changes and symbols, some of it reflects the Euro-Christian background, but a lot of it is borrowed and goes steps further.

Think how far the Nast Santa goes today, it is almost like in the 21st century we need new images. Kids really don’t get “boughs of holly,” “one horse open sleigh” and “jingle bells” as relatable iconography. A project I once gave my kids was to design a “new” Santa. Santas appeared with mohawks, shorts, hover boards,  etc. We need to push our iconography further, even if it means those little horrors like pink and aluminum Christmas trees, and lots of real, fun bargain junk.

It is nicely nostalgic to see this old setting at Leu Gardens in Orlando, but our world today is somewhere else.


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