A trip to Roma is better than home-a. . .agony/ecstacy

Side view off main street, Santa Maria della Vittoria

In what has to look like one of the least assuming churches in Rome, the Santa Maria della Vittoria, is the home of the famous statue of St. Theresa, with that closed eyed- gone hither look, with the slightly parted lips. All art students over the past million years, have seen a still photo of that Bernini statue. The famous statue, however is eaten alive by the surroundings. In a no-expense-spared extravaganza, you are subject to every local marble ever found in Italy, as well as gilding, frescoes, etc. This includes statues of patrons flanking the famous statue, as if watching from theater boxes.

St. Theresa and friend: no satisfaction among the marbles

Overall, it is a very beautiful church. Quite a shock, in fact, from it’s exterior, with the character that makes Bernini so a part of Rome.

Bernini Fontana del Tritone at Piazza Barberini and the Fontana della Api of Via Veneto

So funny, I am shooting the Fontana della Api and a guy bends over getting a drink right out of it.  So we went to the  Cappuchin Crypt, where you really should get to take pictures and it is weird as all get-out, but tastefully done. If you want to think organizing thousands of human bones into tasteful symmetrical designs is a lost art. After that the Spanish Steps, from the top down and another Bernini, Barcaccia Fountain.

Bernini worked with his dad on the Barcaccia Fountain

I laughed a lot over the Via Condotti. I had read about it, and it is all high end, but it’s kind of not that pretentious, as I expect say from a Milennia mall. It really struck me less high end fashion than kind of Victoria secret.

A Lauren Bacall wannabee for Dior.

My personal favorite!

Don’t even ask, but I knew I would never have a second chance to shoot.

This was I think, the Chiesa della Santissima Trinità

Back to normalcy along via Corso.

Is that St. Catherine along the via del Corso?

The via del Corso is a lot different at night, than the day. The textures of things, stone, for example get lost and it takes on a different flavor. That part of Rome uses a lot of ochre for walls, which works well with stone. At night it grays. Rome is also amazing to see the height things between past monuments and present. I heard they used to flood Piazza Navona during ancient times.

Speaking of which, I rushed over to the Piazza Navona the first evening, just to see what had happened. Ten years ago, I remember shooting a large televised billboard by Sony(?), which I thought was weird. This time there was only the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi under plexiglass. Gee, I come back to Rome with a new camera and this happens!!!! A riot. The Pantheon facade is also going through a facelift.


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  1. Gayle L Goudy Says:

    I’d like to use one of your images for publication. Could you contact me off-line? Thank you!

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