A trip to Roma is better than home-a. . beauty where you find it

Every place has its own beauty, in Rome for me, it was the spaces. How lucky to be in the beauty of Rome. Where the spaces can be monumental, but still within reach, still human. London, for example, of the Empire, is so huge to me. The Albert Hall area, Trafalgar Square, those areas. They are so collosal, one becomes puny. And Manhattan too, for a small place, sometimes has that grandiosity, that gets you tired. Not that either of those wonderful cities don’t keep you from wanting to come back.

I watched my students this year creating positive and negative spaces. It is wonderful that some kids have a natural ability at really feeling space in their work. Some just place things, but others have this affinity toward space. They perceive relationships between things. I guess I am more aware of it, because I am grading so many projects, certain elements stand out more than others.

You can’t photograph inside the Palazzo Barbierini, but you can walk around for the price of nothing and it is a pleasure

There are so many things that strike you. The Trevi Fountain in such a cramped space. The Colloseum, inside and outside, late at night. Just places on the street, where it is always beautiful just to be. Where color and light just seem to merge together and this wonderful space. Every so often, I will get a kid come up to me and ask me for a piece of oil clay. I will say, what are you bothering me with that for? Their answer always is, I want to make a person. They are trying to represent scale and it is wonderful to see.

This is in the Quirinale area.

Did you ever see anything as goofy as the tourists at the Trevi Fountain?

Chiesa della Santissima Trinità


Near Museo Criminologico

At first, I ddn’t know whether to laugh or what?

Rome has a wonderful beauty to it, whether classical, medieval or recent. Many more things to show later, even though no one really reads this thing to begin with.


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