Home: Make you run

“When I saw the break of day
I wished that I could fly a way
‘Stead of kneeling in the sand
Catching teardrops in my hand”

-Jesse Harris, Don’t Know Why

We talked a lot about the connecting in Santa Fe. How so many Americans are on a disconnect and how peoples in the Pueblos say, “We have always been here.”

And while Pueblo folk may have also been fellow travelers (the Turks believe they are their people gone east), their roots are so far back, they really might as well have been there or emerged from the ground. This connecting with them and the reconnecting with each other, odd phenomena, as some of us had traveled to other places bringing new baggage to share and look at. It could only have happened in the light of the West. In the East, we are too finicky, too prepossessed. We were told, by our own, don’t ask questions, watch and listen. We ask too many questions, we interfere with ourselves.

I have always been fascinated by pieces of time, which leave footprints, but which the apparent foot has long since disappeared. Illegally and unknowingly, I shot out the train this little piece of time which seemed out of place from the people I met during that week in New Mexico. How much our world has changed in 40 or 50 years, but these pieces of time frozen remind us.

Out across the endless sea
I will die in ecstasy
But I’ll be a bag of bones
Driving down the road alone

My heart is drenched in wine
But you’ll be on my mind forever”

People’s natural generosity help them rise to the best of any level when they can. The wonderful Sanchez family, direct descendants of Maria Martinez, and potters, gave not only their knowledge of art, but a glimpse of their lives. Their humility, humor and generosity put them on the map of my heart forever.

Susan Hall was nice enough to take shots of Cathy and her daughter in front of sculptor Roxanne Swentzell’s home next to the Poeh Museum at the Pueblo of Pojoaque. This is kind of an unexpected treat to stumble into.


Is home the place you live, or the time you reflect on where you’re at?

“Something has to make you run
I don’t know why I didn’t come”

Isn’t it a shame, I can’t give you a link to the wonderful painting (you are only seeing half) in the poster for the Fine Arts Museum in Santa Fe? They allow no photos and they don’t even have a copy of the painting online, or a reference to the poster. If you are interested contact them:



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2 Responses to “Home: Make you run”

  1. Nancy Walkup Says:

    Tom, this is great! Thank you for so much!

  2. Michele Vendetti Says:

    I love this. Thank you for sharing it with me. Thanks for sending me the pics too. Have a great year at school and I hope we see each other next summer. Give Matt my best.

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