Home: The Big Empty

“On stage, I make love to 25,000 different people, then I go home alone”       -Janis Joplin

When the day is over, like this and I sit planning for tomorrow, or getting something together, or following through on emails, etc. the virtual chit, i kinda understand where janis is going. I remember that statement, and my copy of her biography which Janene’s friend lost.

The virtual world did a lot to end reading. But it brought other joys, you could listen to music while editing, especially film. I could add music, so you could read this to get a fix on a mood. Giving the reader a larger dimension, maybe.  Remember, a book gave the designer the fun of guiding the reading. But the reader had the edge, due to time, they could open and close it. The virtual world made it multilevel for the average Jones. I watch friends with their iphones. Taking pictures of food or drink in a restaurant to share on facebook. Sort of like the most sophisticated technology for the most insipid message, i’n’t it?

Anonymity is perhaps not the way the general public want to go in the 21st. I have never come across so many people who feel so insignificant, they will grab at anything to validate themselves. Do people think of themselves like airline or parking tickets? They are in constant need of validation? They play with their phones looking for a missed call, or better yet, drop conversations to check out the old email. Finger fly over texting. And my favorite, CNN is using what people tweet as some kind of news.

Is this some kind of mutations we are breeding after being a country which lives in constant paranoia over some “other” nation geting the atomic bomb. Perhaps, doing to us what we did to Japan over 60 years ago?

Put down your phones and think a little about peace as a destiny. Where is Yoko when you need her, instead of a photo at the Carter Center in Atlanta? Como siempre.


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2 Responses to “Home: The Big Empty”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    did you really have to mention mellissa’s egregious act of losing your book?

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