Atlanta GA: No one mentioned the Sugarbakers

With one from Tennessee and the other from Florida, Designing Women was far removed from the kind of city Atlanta is. On one hand Atlanta is a city of loss, when one views real war at your doorstep in the exhibit at the Atlanta History Center. A tour of the midtown Fox, is not without reminding you of a certain lushness post-War Atlanta had, with a reminder of those segregated days gone by, where “Colored only” nosebleed balcony seats were expected. The city of Dr. King and his Center, and Jimmy Carter as well, remind you of the recent past. And a city of panhandlers and open air homeless along 75.

But there is a wonderful goofiness in faster food and good service. The decor at the Mellow Mushroom is more fun than the food, the excellent live music and the service great.

“Whaddayahave? Whaddayahave” really was uttered at the Varsity, where the real hot dogs were the friendly and funny help.

In a review I read, someone was complaining about the neighborhood ambience of the wonderful Collonade. Well, here is what you will see outside,

which is a lot less than other places (Dottie’s True Blue Cafe in the Tenderloin being one) and adds an air to the days gone by charm, not to mention the good cooking and polite, efficient  service you get there.

Matt thought it was overrated, like some of the pretentiousness you see in San Francisco, but Janene loved the funkiness of the Little Five Point Vortex. We were in beer and dessert time by that hour.

Personnally, again, good efficient service and a cool admittance guy that would never come off as an impolite bouncer. The desserts were perfect, especially the Mango pie. Atlanta may have a lot of faster food, but most of it remains cheaper than many northern or western counterparts, with an air of South funkiness about it. I was sorry not to get to Thelma’s Rib Shack, but maybe next time.

I was not sure about Atlanta, at first. It is not the kind of city that has an immediate wham to it. The downtown is almost a doughnut, because of the business section. But like anyplace the further you go, the more you see. I was dumbstruck at the History Center, how the area we walked in was the stage for the famous Civil War battle which Sherman wiped out whole parts of the city. I was also curious how Carter chose the site, where Sherman watched as the city burned.


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