A New Year: The Kids are all right.

I came in on the run, going back to the old room storeroom, still not broken down to get Styrofoam trays and old tee shirts. As everything is based on the element of line, two classes did limited drawing with paint. The 5th graders (wonderful class) did printmaking. I am so lucky the new room had a ton of good brayers for kids’ use, and the kids so together, most of it was done on their own. It was fun to watch. There were some nice projects in 4th, but I wished more 3D, only one and that a fluke. Kindergarten seemed to have a meltdown from yesterday and I will have to go over that one, because it was a flop.

Out of the room, I could hear Dave’s wonderful piano. I went back over to the old room, pulling out old bins from holidays past. Three teachers, all new, gladly took their share of pumpkins, Christmas cheer, the wonderful goofy turkey basket (I kept the cornucopia), etc. I was glad the stuff got a new home, in a different context. I will never use or set up any of that stuff again. Too busy, as in 7 years or so, we went to see the kids from 1 time a week, to now 2 times in every 6 to 7 weeks.

Have to sit down and write 5 letters to another “mystery” teacher on how wonderful they are. This is something new the admin wanted us to do by Wednesday. Some kind of character building exercise!


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