A New Year: Would I rather be sleeping?

When an admin gives you a week to break down a room you have had for 10 years, while simultaneously moving into someone else room, who has no other room to go to, it is going to be very interesting that year.  Implementation of new changes as the county breathes down our necks after achieving an A+ status, and the state trying to be in the running for moneys for Race to the Top. So,  you know already you are in trouble for a new year

I was so wiped out, so on edge, so tired, i could not write during preplanning. every focus has to be about getting the room done, moving, boxing, throwing out. All this with no aid from the custodians, who are swamped. They brought me empty boxes at one point, and once brought me a cart for me to move furniture myself.

Day 1 went fine. No lesson plans as yet picked up, rough objectives. Only the elements of art, rules, test and a little Activeboard presentation which had enough info. I fell asleep for 3 hours and woke up at 12 to do work until 2.


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