A New Year: Day 3

It wasn’t much of a day. Still moving stuff from the other side, and tomorrow I need to get over and throw out more stuff. Dave had the kids practice during our classes, and the kids were videoed singing the national anthem and the Pledge. So on a short day, I lost a little time, but it was worth it for the kids. A trade-off. I actually had no k or 1st, as we haven’t hired those teachers yet. We sat through a faculty meeting. Florida is in the running for bucks for “Race to the Top.” So we will be getting together more, focusing on learning rather than teaching, and become even more data oriented.

As I have seen a loss of 5 out of 10 teachers in Special Areas in less than a five year period, and have less contact with students than I have ever had, I cannot tell you how thrilled that makes me.


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