A New Year: Here’s to Craft (Day 6)

A little fourth grader came in, new student. She looked all around. Oh my old school my teacher didn’t have a room like this (posters of artworks by da Vinci, van Gogh, Kahlo, Nevelsen, etc.) she had painting all over, she had done. We did painting. Stuff like that (the papier-mâché eyeball in a basket by the still life stuff), oh that is craft. We don’t do craft. Now I am not sure, this is a new student, and there is always a pull to the known. I haven’t graded papers yet, but it will be intersting to see if she knows the difference between a landscape and a portrait. If she knows the Elements of Art.

Children are sometime victim of teachers who want to extend their careers, that they have never had, to their children. Too many art teachers have never earned a living as an artist. Having worked as a commercial artist, and been paid well for it, I don’t need to inflict children with my own beliefs. Their are fine lines between arts. Someone said, oh, I do drawing. That is nice. Art is bigger than drawing, or painting, or sculpture or craft. Art is everything. I will be interested to see how a student who comes from a “fine arts” background will handle printmaking, installation and the king of craft, “clay.” Heavens, what would Rodin say! It would be interesting for this kid, when she see the papier-mâché masks done by Haitians and the Vejigante Carnival masks.

Pop spent 40 years trying to dredge some of the old European parochialism out of the caves. We should not intend to go back, in the name of “Art.” Nor should our children.


3 Responses to “A New Year: Here’s to Craft (Day 6)”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    i like these more journalistic-styled posts.

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