A New Year: You know how I feel

And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
For me

Feeling Good, Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse

Some days I see no one. The work becomes so intense, I never really see anyone during the day. A quick yoghurt and water and on to work. This year seems like less time, but it is only because there is less time with the kids, due to the large numbers, therefore large numbers of classes.

Always good to mix your life with a little Nina.

When one class gets to do printmaking, and two to paint (athough painting is more exercise, than actual painting, but fun to take out paint and smocks), and the rest other more garden varieties. Then, I feel like we had a good day. And I can forget all the b.s. meetings, etc.

I was real annoyed over watching the ninny the union had on TV with Duncan. Teachers should protest. We are not the reason children can’t learn. I like teachers, they are sincere and they work hard. We don’t write the textbooks, we don’t make the policies. Teachers pay for their own education, and they pay for their own testing and certification fees.

We often move sideways between certain officialdom, when we confer with parents on their child’s learning. We don’t have enough time to really get with parents, unless a child is so high or low, that we make the time, even at our own detriment.

Too many dumbbell politicians making decisions. Too many smart people not paying attention.


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