A New Year: On Point*

“Don’t stand so close to me”

-no one can identify who wrote it, but we know House of Pain

I love the net, because I am a night owl and can work anytime, especially late at night. So with all this, would our service for grading (ProgressBook) arbitrarily shut off after 1 a lot of the time?

Sitting here trying to track seating/attendance for 1300 kids, and they close down service most late evenings. I don’t have to even make up this stuff, on the second consecutive night it happened again. So if you use ProgressBook, you get the picture. It was a nice idea, but their word processing for lesson plans is an abomination. It hails back to something out of the 80s, when you couldn’t afford to buy a decent program, so you bought those things in Office Depot for $8, but really wished you hadn’t. Except this brainchild is 30 years later, and I am sure, does not cost $8.

The year is on in a big fling. Florida got the bucks for Race to the Top. Ever notice how politicos come up with these catchy names? No Child Left Behind, etc., reminds me of some of the textbook programs that get dumped before the 5 year period. I remember when they sold us the last one, as an end all!!! And here they are dumping it, and coming in with a new one, which has so many papers to it, I am sure many teachers will be baffled with the filing before the year is up.

This is what I mean when I say teachers don’t make the policy (chose the series) and they don’t make the books (Scott Foresman/Houghton Mifflin/etc.). I worked for Harcourt Brace for 6 years, I can tell you, a whole lot had nothing to do with education. You really have to pay attention because between the lines, you would think every social problem came from teachers. Or should be cured by them. Many communities say they respect children, but in actuality, give little support. I always remember that jerk, David Stockman, telling Congress that ketchup was a vegetable. This from a guy, who took 20 years to pay back a student loan!

As Nation at Risk, and a few of my college professors, never disclosed: America is responsible for educating ALL of its children, with no expense to be spared. Ahem. At least that is what Federal Law said in IDEA, and they should. Unfortunately, the Fed kind of likes that separation it get with the 10th Amendment, from the realities of expenses with local schools. Which is why both Clinton and Bush II, were disingenuous when they said things about education. As governors, they both knew the Fed can promise anything, but doesn’t even come up with Arpege. Which may be why politicians, like prizefighters after a fight, should not be stood so close to. Especially, when it comes to the nuts and bolts of education.


*A statute or case is “on point” if it has direct application to the facts of a case currently before a tribunal for determination.

West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2.
Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.



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