A New Year: Same as it never was. . .

I sat in on a meeting yesterday or so, and when I got up everyone agreed on which plan we would follow with aligning our disciplines to the kids deficits in learning. And then I thought: baloney. We are doing one team meeting a month, and one curricular and faculty meeting a week. Two both eat up morning planning time, which due to rescheduling we went from roughly one hour, to now 55 minutes. That is, of course, after we do our duties which end at nine and overspill as late as 20 minutes. So planning time may be as little as 35 minutes in reality. That is 10 minutes less than the union allows in consecutive time. Someone figured it would be better to bring in the Kindergarten on Wednesday morning, so another planning period disappears and reappears at the end of the day. I find myself wiped out by the end of the day, and am left washing paint brushes, cleaning tables of papier-mâché glue, plaster, whatever. Trying to file things back or figure on attendance or whose work goes where. Or contacting parents of kids whose behavior is not up to snuff, or who might have gotten hurt and following through on an accident report.

So for me, I love my room in the early morning, when I am fresh and can run and put it together. Obviously, so do classroom teachers. For their planning time goes uninterrupted (in reality, not really, but intact more than ours) for 45 consecutive minutes. They have never done morning duties. The entire Specials teachers DO DUTY, and twice a day. The paras all do duty, even ESE, which I thought was illegal. So do the ESOL paras. Office staff does not do duty. We used to have grade level paras. They did duty, then one year we had budget cuts, and they were gone, along with one or two custodians.

I’d rather see my kids work than bellyache. Fourth graders were given a half hour to produce a sculpture using line, with limited materials. Sophia did a great job. Some of the kids used paper and it reminded me of the Serra installations.

I hear so much on education in the press, I could just throw up. Someone should watch a school for a year and maybe they would get it. We just finished a rebuild from our mold infested modulars. The PTA moms spent months running after the school board. It cost 23 million and we stayed on site and suffered throughout a two year period. One year we walked miles to get from one part of the site to another, we even lost a secretary in the action.

Teaching has never been so glamorous. Thank goodness there are late nights and youtube.


One Response to “A New Year: Same as it never was. . .”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    I love the sculpture your student made. It looks like a rollercoaster with the blue yarn tracing the path of the running car.

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