A New Year: Entering 7

“Sometimes we start over, just go solo, no metaphors are needed. . .”

-Shoniwa, Smith and Morrison

I pulled the blurb ppt together, so it wasn’t so —wha?. Even did a short ppt on Matisse and his late collages to put something together for third, which the class I got first was so duh. Couldn’t believe they did not know symmetry at all!

I didn’t make the same mistake with the second third grade class. We view the material again, but the ppt on Matisse, too. We played, cutting out organic shapes and it was great fun. I did a hands on with symmetry and the work that class produced was wonderful. I will have to post some up. First grade was so impressed! They have a wonderful freedom, but still structured.

matisse collages

I had six new sheets in my box. Most were from the nurse. We have dozens of kids with severe allergies, asthma and all kinds of new stuff (cycle cell anemia, leukemia, diabetes). The new lists included “must go to bathroom when requested.” This in addition to about 20 IEP from grades 3-5, the other ESE teacher has not given us any input yet. This is the school of 70 classes, so you know it is next to impossible to remember each kid’s medical data, since some of our students you may not be able to remember their name. Last year I had one class with 3 students, a girl who is extremely gluten intolerant;  a boy with extremely severe allergies and one autistic student. We are currently in litigation with the later student, which means we must document behavior and sit through meetings sometime. This is stuff the dumb press and the dumber politicos, never tell you about, as they live in their own private Idaho.

Week 7 was a happy, productive week. We got back the Kindergarten teacher on leave, who will be our #13 Kindergarten teacher. The second grade also got #13, who cleared her paperwork, fingerprinting and drug tests. Everyone knows there are a large group of felons, who are dying to work for low wages in elementary school. Remember on the drug tests some lab makes nice money. And the fingerprinting, which is held by the FBI, seems to almost always be done, with an extra 25-50 buck fee somewhere.

I had left the county a few years ago, and came back in 7 months to sub. I had to go through a drug test and fingerprinting again. You had to do your business in the cup, while a “trained” professional stood outside an ajar door, while men and women sat in the next room. They could have checked me out with the CIA, whom I was cleared to apply for a job back in the 80s.  Recently all recertified teachers, who pay by the way, $56 out of their own pocket every 5 years after getting a threatening letter, were also going to have to go through a fingerprint and drug screening for another $75 (don’t hold me to the exact amount). So much for those “overly aggressive” unions!

As I am trying to get back to my classroom this morning at 9:15, a parent is asking me what security company do we use? I, at first, am so dense, I am telling her about the police. Then, I begin to realize she is like talking Wackenhut or something. Lady, I thought to myself, did you hear we got robbed of over 40 grand of new technology last year, when someone forgot to turn Sonotrol on!?



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