A New Year: Fun at the first quarter (x3)

I thought that it would look like this (this dog was actually real nice, but didn’t show). . .

Instead this first part of the year looked more like this!

With a set of grades entered, but not posted to report cards, as I was closed out exactly at 1. Whatever, up at six, I will get on for the seconds. I should be grading, but sometimes a little time for my own head. Had my kids in the Art Club in Thursday, working their magic and mouths with papier mâchè. Overslept the first time on Friday, out of the house in a whiz. The first quarter done, without much fanfare, which is great.

I had more fun Friday, than an art teacher should have. First time coil pots with fifth, the clay is strange, does not roll a coil well, you need a certain pressure. Fourth doing the Mondrian thing, again well done, understood concepts of parallel, perpendicular to a good extent. Like the Mondrian video (really they loved One O’clock Jump several times), and they kind of got the assymmetry thing. Third did the organic thing a là Matisse, and they did symmetry somewhat.

Kindergarten excited about masks, used lines to design after cutting. First after we got over the quilt square thing went onto masks, too. Then papier mâchè and so much talking, so much excitement, except for the few who feel like they have to wash their hands. Hm. Dave came in and saw the mess, with kind of a. . .oh, no. This is what it is, at the end of the day.

I am already collecting stuff for value, and will be doing Kollwitz and maybe Cartier-Bresson. Will work with paint and charcoal for four and five. Maybe let third grade do photos in b/w and critique. Carol, our wonderful science teacher does a unit on light and dark, for the younger kids, will check with her. We can use the printer in school, so I won’t have to think too much about the technical and the cost. Wonder what kinda software we have?

Will probably do Valentines in December! I’ll be like the stores who do Xmas before Halloween!!!


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