Incredible Etta

Transistor radios and basement parties, fifty years ago. The first time I heard Etta James with that full string sound background and long intro opening (always, to pick a dance partner) with “At Last.” Well, you knew she was something. And without her, no Janis, nor other ships set sail.

If you listen to the great opening of this song a cappella you get to know this little dumpling pretty well. Before the mid-60s soul of Aretha, she predated the the svelte, sexy r&b image of the dreamgirl  Supremes. With that bleached blond hair and eyeliner that would have made  Egyptians jealous, she made the word outrageous ions before Joplin or Midler. But look beyond that hair and the Brenda Lee sweater, this is the real magilla. Young folk, forget Xtina, go listen to the incredible Etta James on YouTube, raght now!

Thank you, Miss Peaches.


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