Home: Thank you, Busch Gardens.

Hey, I’m for cheap. When Disney tickets run $80, and Universal and SeaWorld, not far behind. I am for cheap. So when SeaWorld offer tickets for Busch Gardens to teachers for nada, hey.

Two for the price of none, and I bought Matt a year pass for $70. Now this is a very funny park. It is right in the middle of North Tampa, a few blocks away from the University.  In fact, to get in you are making a left onto a boulevard full of traffic. I had always seen it advertised, but never bothered going. It was not a big deal to get in and parking was also free! It was where the old brewery used to be and they first brought in a collection of birds, and then they kept expanding.

Having been to Egypt, I wondered why they did all this work to duplicate a tomb. Someone spent a lot of time. The realer attraction is probably the roller coaster.

The park is divided into sectors and they have a little railroad, which you can get on and it will take you around most of the park. The best stuff to see is the wildlife, there are some nice garden things, there is one section for smaller kids. Years ago, their theme was the “dark continent,” which Florida being still Southern, you got to wonder about. But things are divided up into different sections: Morocco, Egypt, Congo, Timbuktu, Serengeti (a wonderful section on the train), etc.  Upon coming in there were two unanticipated things. One, was the pretty girl singer in the Morocco section, a step out of the 60s; the other the large displays for their Halloween thing they were doing at night.

The real fun of the park for me, was the animals and some strange plantings.

The animals, of all kinds, housed in a semi-zoo type setting. The reptile collection was wonderful. There was also some sleepy wild animals behind glass.

Personal favorite is the open air aquarium. It is something to see, and different from other aquariums. Some beautiful sights, even with the dirt in the water.

I would like to extend my thanks to Busch Gardens/SeaWorld for the free day. I used to work for Harcourt, and even did work for the parks in Orlando and San Diego. Teachers cannot thank you enough for the free days you offer, and some beautiful sights of animals and setting.

I would also say, you have the most roller coasters in one area, than I have ever seen.


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