A New Year: Happy First Week back

“Had to be strong
So I believed
And now I know I’ve succeeded
In finding the place I conceived” -Ben Margulies and  Mariah Carey

Oh, to see that beautiful, petite, pretty Mariah Carey, look like the perfect 20 year old. I heard this song in a store today, and it felt the way I felt this week.

Howz your day, someone asked Friday, after the week off for Thanksgiving. Three classes of drawing; one making playdough with Kindergarten; quilts and firing clay with first; and papier-mâché with second. When I can do that in one day, man, am I happy.

Our weekly faculty meetings disappeared into dust, just as the ugliness got underway when the voting for FCAT moneys came up. Everyone has to vote on how the 97K bonus for coming in an “A” is divided up in the school. Usually bucks go to different causes, one grade level got so crummy this year, we had all kind of chit going on. Somebody didn’t want administration to get a cent, this was rejected by the School Advisory Committee, who said, if the custodians get $250, why don’t you give something to the principal and two assistant principals.

The Nurse’s fund got nothing. We have a nurse that the school pays for, the county pays for nothing. We constantly have to knock on the door of the PTA, or else we couldn’t figure who is going to give the diabetic Kindergartners their shots, or who will show us how to give the asthmatics the EpiPen. Crumbs. This must be part of that “site-based” management. The one where the principal gets $100, and has to figure how to hold on to three more teachers, a custodian and a clerk to answer the phones. Don’t worry Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet, or Rick Scott or Barack Obama will figure out something with merit pay, and we can stretch that amount about 50 cent more.

Our wonderful science teacher, Carol, called in the snake trainer for Math and Science Night. We could have used him to charm the snakes during determination of  FCAT moneys.

Nancy Sell sent this out over weekend on facebook:

“Change your profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood and
invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday, December 6th, there
should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This
is a campaign to stop violence against children.”

Eloy Torrez, the West Coast muralist/painter, was another, aside from Nancy who did this (he was Grumpy, I think). I chose Tom Terrific from the 1950s Territoons thing. I loved this as a kid. Anyway, by posting today, we were only about 5 strong. I thought that was a sad commentary about violence against children.

Janene sent me this link, and it some interesting uses of illustration by use of collage.


I felt so accomplished this week. Three of my kids in Art Club went County in the Reflections PTA thing. I am up to date on lesson plans, and even have a handle on grading. It all sound so good–now when does the friggin’ house fall on me?


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