Postcards/NYC: Streets

Vendor half block from MoMA.

The fun of NYC is the streets. It always has been. No show is better, with an endless procession in movement. The funny, the pitiful, the unique sit side by side, or collide in an endless cavalcade. You don’t need money to enjoy the city, but being cognizant helps!

Penny posed herself dreaming by the street Liberty in front of tourist shop. Latest unclothed poster male along Fifth, not exactly a six pack.

Can you imagine wearing this? I could just imagine giving this Cartier as a gift, right?

Restaurants are always a trip, but in the mid-50s on Fifth, you got to figure the real beauty are some of the window displays and a lot of the architecture.

Interestingly enough, I had not been in St. Patrick’s in years, as I do not like to gawk in American churches. What is odd is how austere and cold, it is. It reminded me of those Anglican churches I had been to when I took a course at Cambridge years ago. They had eliminated the saints, but the niches were all still intact!

Everything is orderly and superclean, but a wedding was going on and it seemed without much sentiment. I thought, how sad, this is such an important moment in this couple’s life and here we are just gawking around. I didn’t even see much family or friends, although you could have had half the city and it still wouldn’t fill the hall! It is the reverse of the subway.

There is something awful for people who come to any city and don’t get caught up with it’s rhythm, NYC has so many of them, and some even more wonderful than others.

Check out the gallery: SUBWAY


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