A New Year: Après moi, le deluge. Wtf?

To add to the pure fun of this year, I am getting an intern.

Thanks goodness for wonderful students, and parents who really are nice, or back there, at worst!

The saddest part is nothing on Dr. King this year. Black history month faded completely two years ago, and this year nothing about Dr. King. Our school has about 40% African American population, including Principal, one Assistant Principal and many teachers and staff. I was quite surprised and hope people don’t regard it as a day off for shopping. I was curious that even in Washington DC, it was almost not even mentioned as I perceived it.

My kids are doing great with projects, I only wish I had more time for them. We are doing color scales, value scales, value painting, just finished playdough making and clay for Kindergarten. Began the Magic Fish project with my wonderful first graders.  Next week grading.

Henri Matisse La Négresse, 1952, paper collage

Saw the Matisse collages at the National Gallery. Perfect timing to post work done by third grade that I have held!



One Response to “A New Year: Après moi, le deluge. Wtf?”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    History is not a priority of the curriculum anymore. And Black History has been reduced to rattling off a list of inventions.

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