PostcarDC 1.11: Le chic très chic along M Street

It was 29 degrees on Friday night as two blondes walked along M St. with their beaus, nothing exceptional except both girls were bareshouldered, walking with their well insulated guys. “Oh,” said Jen on Sunday at Brunch at Murphy’s in Old Town, “they must have been two of my students.”

Wow! Almost missed them as they moved off into the night.

“Georgetown historically had a large African-American population, including both slaves and free blacks. Slave labor was widely used in construction of new buildings in Washington, in addition to provide labor on tobacco plantations in Maryland and Virginia. Slave trading in Georgetown dates back as early as 1760, when John Beattie established his business on O Street and conducted business at other locations around Wisconsin Avenue. Slave trading continued until the mid-19th century, when it was banned. Other slave markets (“pens”) were located in Georgetown, including one at McCandless’ Tavern near M Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Congress abolished slavery in Washington and Georgetown on April 16, 1862. Many African Americans moved to Georgetown following the Civil War, establishing a thriving community. . .

Georgetown is now one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Washington and home to many of the city’s politicians and lobbyists.”,_D.C.%29

In the vicinity of Wisconsin.  The beautiful old Riggs bank (covered by the banner and PNC) has had certain notoriety (above, left).


While I love the museum scene in DC, a night out on pretentious M Street NW gives you a laugh. Janene and I ate at Harmony Cafe, which is a nice place, with good service. So coming out, I wanted to peek at what was going on.

In New York, they just have angst, but in DC, even the mannequins are communicating (below).

The Levis (below) should be hawked by Obama as “green” jeans.



What could be more “green” than green plastic?


This was my happiest shot. The lady was so much fun and full of purpose along M Street. She treated me as a typical idiot, instead of a tourist one.



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One Response to “PostcarDC 1.11: Le chic très chic along M Street”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    I’m not even sure what to make of the old neighborhood anymore. I don’t really look on it with much fondness, the way I do other parts of DC I spent tons of time in.

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