A New Year: One Vision/One Voice, seig heil!

In a world of litigation, someone, probably sitting in an office, far removed from the classroom dreamed up this up. As I am a great advocate for the First Amendment, I thought it was removed from the 21st century as is martial law. I hope.

This section is probably in reference to school use of a computer, I think? Today, who really has any time to”fraternize” or “network” in the course of a workday?

I do not fraternize with my students, it’s unprofessional. It is also ridiculous. A kid once said, I am going on some teacher’s facebook page and find you. I told them right off, don’t even bother me. I would not invite a student into my living room, as I believe there should be a separation of state and student. But I am not sure the county has the right to do that to another teacher, just as the DOE cannot really intrude on someone’s life when it comes to facets of their personal life, which have been challenged in the court. Things like “moral turpitude” are reserved for offenses like drunk driving and drug use.

See what you think?

MD A 9 Employee Use of Technology 12-9-10 (2)


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