Atlanta GA: Enrich Your World (A Land of Money)


Among the top 100 Fortune 500ers, four are based in Atlanta:

1. The Home Depot – No. 29
2. UPS – No. 43
3. Coca-Cola Company – No. 72
4. Delta Airlines – No. 84


This coming from, I guess the former Fortune 500 company, the epitome of this kind of hype: CNN. Who else could have produced a giant of a guy named Ted Turner, who did for Atlanta what some feel that a Bloomberg or a Trump has done for New York.

Atlanta is divided up nicely with both I-75 and MARTA running north/south dead in the center. It has the High Museum, much of which the collection is first rate. It has Georgia Tech still in it’s downtown/midtown section. It has a lot of original food places and lots of decent housing. Business equals money, and that makes Atlanta quite different from other parts of the South. It probably always has. It even contains a little piece of a city under a city in Underground fashion (two shots directly below). There is poverty too, the I-75 plein air homeless, but one likes to forget that in big cities.

Included with all this, a movie:


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