A New Year: Just when you thought. . .

you heard of everything! Everybody knows that teachers are absolute cheaters, so in the game of high stakes tests, well, you know they are going to just about slit throats or worse, to keep those scores high–isn’t that the reason for merit pay!!!! So just when I heard of everything, someone sent me a wonderful powerpoint that reads like this:

^ Chance of being hit by lightning = 1 in a million
^ Chance of winning the lottery = 1 in 10 million
^ Chance of DNA false-positive = 1 in 30 million
^ Chance of tests being flagged and taken independently = 1 in a TRILLION
No one of course put chance of Governor going to jail for throwing an election, getting married because he is accused of being gay or paying multi-million dollar fines for cheating Medicare** being fair to none! Well, you judge this for yourself, the whole thing makes me unnerved living  in a virtual Paradise.

FDOE District School Presentation March 2011 v6
You might also want to read about the company doing this called
Caveon, and ask yourself how much is this costing? Remember tests cost money, because they are done by private industry, including grading.Now we have a security company, to check that.
What bothers me, is I went on their site:
Here is an interesting article from the New York Times.


**A new year might as well be an old year. In the year 2014, our governor and the idiot legislature were re-electing making our school years even more Stalineque than they once seemed. Except for the FCAT which is DOA. Hail to the idiot non-voters in Florida, even a pot referendumb could not get them moving off their asses!!!!


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