Enfin, Paris!: A thousand years later. . .

On a cloudy day it still resembles Impressionism

Finally, Paris. A day, thirty eight years or a thousand. All the same. Old Paris is new Paris, as it is Paris always, and will be beyond me. It is the Paris in my heart, the one I left alone and the one I return to with loved ones.

Pegged trousers and pointy toes. No one does presentation like Parisians.

Must haves for the ravaging. Brown haired  girls are still fresh and pretty.

A nice blog, with good info: http://europeforvisitors.com/paris/mistakes/top-tourist-mistakes-11.htm

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie is a science center, Paris style. Matt and Janene preferred Amsterdam’s NEMO. I have been to a few, I still prefer Natural History in NYC, but this is the reason I went and Parc de la Villette is wonderful. The Parisians always do well with designing parks, and I was sorry I did not go to at least two. But being here was intriguing.

For more on the dome: http://greg.org/archive/2008/03/11/ceci_nest_pas_un_satelloon.html

Many days were gray, it reminded me of the painting by Renoir, The Umbrellas (1883). It seemed logical. The last time I was in Paris, it was summer, that kind of summer in parts of the Northeast here. Lots if interesting new things. The funniest is the pyramid at the Louvre, the other is the Pomidon’t, as I like to call it. Which is pretty cool. The Louvre doesn’t look as barnish as it used to in some of the sections. Glass doors separating collections and regrouping of art by artists (rather than period) made it harder for me to find things. But ooh la lah, what a wonderful collection. Like the Vatican (https://thinkvisual.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/a-trip-to-roma-is-better-than-home-a-musei-vaticani/ ) , it is a place you must see.


On the walk the first night, we ran into the old Brigitte, now a handbag seller. She had gotten some bad press some time back for being too much of a xenophobe. And here she is, selling handbags across from the Garnier Opera house. So for a few blogs, this will be about the wonderful city of Paris and the many things seen in a few days.

The beauty of any large city is the character it displays as you find it on foot. London, that I remember is massive and dirty, a mixture of very traditional with little shockwaves thrown in. Parts of Athens seem to be layers upon layers of various liberation and occupation. Rome is many Romes adjoining each other. Istanbul is also like that, but of different ages and  sectioned off in water (like San Francisco).

Toujours, des Tuileries. Toujours, Paris. For many Americans, Paris was always the cultural center of the world. To think how creeps like Rumsfeld tried to denigrate France into being “old” Europe is a joke. The only thing old world was that curly fried brain of his. A video a little trite and gay, not in great voice, but in good sentiment below.


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