A New Year: The Unwinding

There is something wonderful and comical about the bustling last days of the year. With less than a month left, I try to figure how any, if all, will be finished, as the room gets more bizarre daily. Two girls, one an excited student with a sketchbook, practically charge into the room as I get ready for my first class. Pint-size Kindergartners file into the room, unaware that today they will be painting big flower designs on large paper bags. My first graders will be rapidly introduced to finishing in a few days, what used to take over a week, the Magic Fish. Second graders, a few who have not completed papier-mâché, must hurdle through the color wheel, to keep the rest of the class on track. . .

And so on. My intentions are always good, it is just time that I fight against. Falling asleep in front of a computer at 1 to wake up after 4, to finish work by six. This week all grades for progress reports, and final book and test material for the ESOL class. Playing beat the clock to one using ProgressBook. Cancellation of Art Club, trying to get stuff done, while releasing kids for Lisa’s thing on Wednesday. Realizing I will lose time for a sex ed tape Dave shows and I sit in with for 5th grade boys: two classes lost. Another whole day lost for a holiday and my absence one day for Janene’s wedding. Probably more than one lost for Peg’s Ekiden race.

“Where’s your assistant,” one of my quiet fourth grade girls ask. Oh, she isn’t here, her internship was finished. Aw, she says, and I feel bad too. Elizabeth Malcolm turned out to be a diamond in the rough, with lots of surprises everyday. A wonderful teacher in the making, I can’t wait to see where she takes it in 5 years, much less, the next few months when she goes on her own senior internship.

It is wonderful what the computer allows us to do simply. I was able to adapt Itten’s Color Star, color wheel, into a more simplified color flower and allowing students to complete it after one class mixes enough of a batch for a few classes. I am fascinated how the kids just dug into that one, one of those lesson where you stand back, and allow them on their own (“no that one is the dark shade,” “you have to put the light tint in that part, not where the hue goes”). Create the structure, create the playground, allow them to do their own. Also get a load of what became the cover for the ill-fated invitation via Illustrator. They changed the date after the printing!!!


One Response to “A New Year: The Unwinding”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    awwww. i love this post. considering the stress of taking on thousands of kids this school year, you end it on a blissful note.

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