A New Year: Looking down the end

Sleeping in the chair again, as someone asks me to treasure hunt for photos of two of our teachers, a couple, who have given service to the school and are now retiring. The last days are always the most hectic. As I awake from a night in the chair, at 5-ish, figure I can get in and either get last of the fish done, or bag final handprints from another class.

With only 3 more sets to go, and numerous papier mache projects still to find owners, I feel accomplished that I have gotten so much done in terms of all grades in Progressbook (they actually closed down the system 2 Saturdays in a row). Plans filed a while ago, now for the real disaster: the room, which still looks like a bomb hit it. I just go around now uncovering things!!!

Both videos are meant to be soothing. Looking at old photos, I realized school used to be fun. Now after the legislators and Rick Scott, you see schools can be as awful as them. I remember when we had time. Now a year rushes by, with lots of busy work, like data collection, which is the real buzzword for b.s.

Jerks like these think they are making schools more efficient. That’s because they have no idea what efficient is. Knee jerk reactions to public whims, or at least those shaped by the corporate media, do not make good policy. They wreak havoc and cost money. Money that does not go directly to kids, but to book companies, “security” companies and the high rollers devising big time testing. They are not efficient with the way they do things, yet that is what they want to impose on schools, which are an animal of another kind. I know they don’t get it, but is the public ever going to?


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