A New Year: sh-h-h-h-h-h-h-hh. . .

Did I do what i was supposed to?

The year ended like a snowball down a hill. Collecting and getting bigger and bigger, with no control. I don’t know if what we did was worthwhile or just a bunch of b.s. That thing goes on in my head, where time compresses/decompresses. Did I give them what they needed? Or was it just a bunch of entertainment? The answer comes later, when kids talk about what they did. So far the color wheel was the big hit. It always baffles me, too much freedom, and most don’t have a clue. I guess that is something else to be taught.

Today, most of the day was tied up in an in-school celebration for Andy and Denise, who were retiring from our school, after 22 years service +. It all was beautifully done. I got to shoot most it, but the fun stuff was watching two former principals, now retired, taking shots of themselves, original staff members, former students. A lot of fun to watch. Meaningful careers, now living lives in the beyond. Talking about retiring never has interested me. I always tried to do the things I wanted to while I was still working (while you have the money). I never see myself retiring, what for?

Where I will be next year it a guess. So the year ends on a bitter note. No real cleaning up was done, whatever, tomorrow.

One of my favorite films out of the eighties was a film called, Choose Me. I loved the three women characters, the men were quirky. Good interview with Alan Rudolph on small films:



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