Another new year: For chriz’ sakes

Don’t you love the way Betty closes Bob Hoskins mouth? Three days in, sharing a cart. The kids are fine, so far, but the administrative b.s. is so bad from the county that you need a snooze or a shower before wading through it all. We are even MORE accountable this year, as we begin to move off to new standards. Rick needs MORE evaluative processes, to assess teachers. That is for that big merit pay, the “good” teachers are going to get. I wish we had some methodology, and perhaps transparency, to evaluate politicians. It starts to sound like a Michael Moore movie, faster than you can say “Koch brothers”.

More work, on less money. Well, at least it is not Wisconsin. Teachers are all beginning to have it sink in, that they are loosing 3% of their earnings for the pension. Which from my calculations dried up a lot, when Bush was playing the stock market and it took a tumble a few years back. Did anybody ever figure, it is not the brightest thing to invest in Wall Street with pension funds?  Wouldn’t it be nice if Bernanke stopped lending out cheap money, to lousy banks and creep corporations, who shouldn’t get loans to start with.

Hey, Bernanke and Rick Scott, get out of here. Give me some money, too.


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