Choose me Vegas

High end, low end. Choose your fantasy. Vegas has it all. There still is a sky, and there still are those mountains, but you need to navigate that intriguing concrete (and glass) jungle along the Strip, Las Vegas Boulevard. And it can go on forever. Catch Luxor from the tarmac.

Tourists run for their lives after paying to pose with (or escape from) Sponge Bob and Barney in 107° heat. Word has it the city wants to sell the sidewalks to the casinos to do away with these people plying a living along with what seems like half Middle America handing out strip club leaflets. City officials would prefer the more tasteful exhibitions (below).For real entertainment you can catch Snooki at the Luxor. A number of acts a little more classy and less forgettable, including some terrific street performing at the Fremont Experience, which seems to have replaced free live lounge acts that the big casinos used to give you. Including my shock that the Flamingo had been stripped of its neon, was the shock of apple pie Donny and Marie at the same place. I thought to myself, what would Ben Seigel and Virginia Hill thought?

The best entertainment for me was the high wire act at Circus Circus (left), and it costs nothing.

You can catch some odd action on the street itself (below). Or you can also pay to see the sharks at Mandalay Bay, or dolphins at the Mirage. Or you can save your bucks and catch it in Atlanta for about the same price! Better yet, the Aquarium in Albuquerque for about $7.

You can visit shrines for beauty, shrines for gluttony and a real shrine in front of Caesar’s. Pure delight, I loved seeing this beautiful couple and wedding party in the Bellagio. That great smile on the bride’s lovely face proves real people are to be found, which really is forever fabulous.


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2 Responses to “Choose me Vegas”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    Awww, I love the shot of the wedding. I love how you put that – real people are to be found. Her smile really is the jewel in the Las Vegas rough.

  2. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Las Vegas « The Blah Blah Blog Says:

    […] of my favorite shots by Tom who wrote: “You can visit shrines for beauty, shrines for gluttony and a real shrine in front of […]

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