Another new year: Why not test kids we retain?

If we keep a kid back a year, there is a problem there. It may be the child, it may be the family’s outlook on education. It may be the child has come from another school, where their background knowledge just isn’t where it should be. We see it so often each year. Yet many of our kids who are retained one year, may be tested some year later, only to find they had a specific learning disability. The child may struggle for several years, be put on academic watch, have costly tutoring to keep up, yet later is found to have a disability.

Disabilities are far ranged. They may or may not have a firm medical diagnosis. They may not be recognized from one county or state to the next as a “disability”. And termonology differs from state to state, often without a real consensus. The brain is complex, this area of neuroscience is beyond most of the educational staff. We are not equipped. Take example, autism, dyslexia, even ADD. We do not have medical degrees. We know there is a problem, but are not equipped to diagnose. We know the child may not take in auditory information similar to other student, the child may mess up on testing, what we might think is inattention to detail, rather than inability to process visual information effectively.

Each year, facing new classes, and old students, I watch many of my 1500, who may revisit a grade level. And I wonder.

On the other front. Fun with edubabel, they have changed all the coursework for ESOL (English as a Second Language) or ELL. Get a load of the chart, it is like hell-o!!!! Course Name Conversion, are you like kidding me? Can anyone not know why kids get a little crazy, when consistency seems to follow the rules of its own planet? Teachers don’t do this stuff, they are handed it like good archeologists and expected to “emote.”


2 Responses to “Another new year: Why not test kids we retain?”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    I’m not sure what the chart means for you, but I wonder how many hours some team of administrators spent coming up with revised titles.

  2. thinkvisual Says:

    the doe of fla made the changes. the admin only had to put together presentation material to blow everyone’s head

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