another new year: 10 things if i had time. . .

1. Put back up fence posts parents ran over in the parking lot, where they now illegally park.

2. Weed some of the plants nobody has time to bother with.

3. Hang up student work, instead of fixing screws in the cart that I have to lug art materials to class.

4. Clean up the back room before the fire marshall gets there, instead of attending ESOL class Wednesday nights.

5. Wash all the chairs that kids have covered in paint.

6. Photograph students instead of rushing around trying to get cart to classes.

7. Order art materials online, but first have to do online course to order materials!!!!

8. Grade papers, instead of falling asleep in front of the computer late p.m.

9. Call in the Union to explain the new Florida “evaluation” system for teachers.

10. Do planning for the next round of 14 classes, instead of doing “bra” art for ex student or agenda for school rededication.


2 Responses to “another new year: 10 things if i had time. . .”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    On #10 – just donate some money to the cause they were trying to raise money for anyways and stop toying with that nonsense.

  2. thinkvisual Says:

    too late, art done.

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