Ultimate Vegas

Janene will sometimes say, Henri Matisse, he is the shit! Well, let me tell you, watching a high wire act in Vegas, over tables and slots, now that, that is really the shit. And for FREE!

Catch the cigarette. Vegas is the only place I saw smoking, right on the casino floor.

We watched part of the circus act from the midway area. Lots of people with kids out on a Saturday night.

Nikolai & Nina dealt with costume changes, I don’t know how many she had. Here, he is tied up and emerges from a red get-up to white.

Oh, that highwire. Reminds me of Circus of Horrors!

The clown peered out from behind the Westward Ho signage in Neon Vegas. Year ago, I may have missed shooting the old Flamingo, but at least I got this vestige of older Vegas, and I would bet it will be around for a while.

 Affectionados: check: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circus_Circus_Las_Vegas


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