ANY (Another new year): with High importance

Reminder:  It has come to my attention that primary students, when playing on the playground for scheduled Alternative PE/Recess, are being sent to building 6 (4th and 5th   grade building) to use the restrooms.   Intermediate restrooms were not built to code for primary students as they are designated for intermediate students only.  In addition, primary students have been reported to be quite loud and disruptive to the adjoining intermediate classrooms on the hallway as well as soiling the floors because toilet seats are too high for young children.

In the future, should your children need to relieve themselves during recess, teachers must escort their  entire class to the courtyard restrooms or back to your own classroom, as primary children may not be sent alone to the courtyard restrooms, either. Veteran teachers on your team may share with new teachers the reason behind this policy.  TIP:  To decrease the number of trips you’ll have to make to the courtyard restrooms from the playground, you might encourage your children to use restrooms  (either courtyard, or classroom)  prior to going to your scheduled class to prevent too many students on playground at once.

Thanks, everyone.


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