A.N.Y.: Is it over yet?

When I walked in this year, from day 1, I couldn’t wait for the year to be over. That was the week of preplanning. Since then it has been downhill. I was working with someone I didn’t know, who would become crowded with me in a now shared room, with a cart to go between us. One would teach in the class, one in someone else’s class on the cart. A novel concept circa 1950s. Sucked then, just as bad now.

After school on Wednesdays, I sit in the media center for 14 weeks, 4:30-8-ish. Unpaid. My instructor is a perky go-getter, probably the next generation of non-immigrants, who are knocking the original immigrant-based ESOL people out of jobs. She holds, or is getting a Masters. My guess is her desire to be admin. Earlier that day, I sit through a school Christmas party, which actually is a cover for the retirement of a 38 year vet. She quit flat out after the new AP (a 3 year classroom vet) gave her an unfavorable rating, using the new county evaluation system. There were not so veiled jokes by another teacher, about how the new system sucks.

Parents are not aware, that there is less instructional time than ever. Teachers have become overburdened following data. Data chit. Teachers are not trained statisticians, a moot point. An exercise in futility. If you can raise 3 numbers here, and hold 2 numbers there, you get–BINGO. I have seen more dumb people sit down with numbers, talking chit. Data chit. A few with a gleam in their eye wanting to become administrators. That already shows you how dumb they are!

This is all under Race to the Flop, the Obama program, which is just as dumb as No Child Left Behind. You know, the one that Kennedy pushed. I wish he had read the bill, nothing but penalty, and no relief in sight. Check out the HBO special, Hard Times at Douglass High: A No Child Left Behind Report Card, if you want to throw up over intervention into a school under NCLB. Another leftover of the Bush administration.

This is the first time I have ever felt like this, and now near Christmas break.


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