¡Hola, El Perú!: El Parque de Amor

Being right in Miraflores and blocks away, you had to go at least once to El Parque de Amor and the adjoining parks which end at Larcomar, the big shopping mall built along the coastline cliffs of Chorrillos. In the cab our drivers always went from wherever to the coastal highway. It is quite beautiful, especially in the Miraflores area, because the coastline is so low and you have to go up quite a grade to reach the plateau area. It is lovely to see the Pacific at this height. And the grayness of their winter, reminded me of Santa Barbara in the early morning eons ago. I never remember the East coast having that same kind of grayness, it always seems to be more muted and diffuse on the West coast.

The monumental statue, “‘El Beso (The Kiss)” created by Peruvian Victor Delfin dominates this little park, bordered by the mosaics which are a visual tribute to Gaudi’s Parc Güell. The mosaic’s themselves have phrases from Peruvian authors commemorating love. Young people, mostly teenagers were found there at night sort of smooching it up, nothing like what you find in Italy and France sometimes. An attractive open space, with a beautiful viewpoint, becomes a park honoring love.

Crude translation: “. . .we will go to the ports to see that every part, to see that our love will never leave.”

My favorite viewpoint and my favorite mosaic in the park (above).

It is a nice way to spend a little time, not far from the shopping mall, or the little lighthouse. It was a little startling, at night near the lighthouse, you may bump into the very sedate pot smokers.


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