Le Bon Temps à NOLA: Music

At Musical Legends Park right on Bourbon St., you can pick up some quick chow as you listen to some great music.

Look for this sign.

Earlier that day, a wedding party paraded outside Antoine’s.

The Free Spirit Jazz Band Band.

These guys tore up the place as they played for hours on the inside corner of Bourbon and Canal. Street traffic, people dancing, cars and somebody barking their CDs made the corner more alive, like it is always in New Orleans, when the music goes on and on 4ever.

This little band moved their gig to a small deserted spot on Bourbon that night.

Some kids were making music, and a little cash, by the power of their feet further down on Bourbon.

The devil uses a cell phone. I know. I saw him walking on Bourbon Street, just a little past Canal, as hot satanic music blasted out from the great and wonderful Free Spirit Jazz Band on a cool December night. Someone once told me New Orleans is a wicked city.

No, not even a little bit.

Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTxzws865Ac


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4 Responses to “Le Bon Temps à NOLA: Music”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    i love how the devil came out of nowhere, chatting on his phone. no one even seemed to take notice. but my favorite shot was of the trombone player standing center stage with that bit of blue blur in front of the footlocker wall.

  2. Because We Were Just Getting to the Good Part « The Blah Blah Blog Says:

    […] See the trombone player in this video? That’s Troy Andrews. Also known as Trombone Shorty. He’s a New Orleans native, right out of Treme, the city’s oldest neighborhood. And, he’s one example of what I love about New Orleans. Aside from the fact that it is a city as yet untouched by the blob of homogenous living that seems to have overrun much of the United States, it is a city where you’ll find impromptu sidewalk performances by musicians of all ilks any time of day. In one day, we ran into a Dixieland wedding procession (my favorite) and later that night, a young jazz band on the corner of Canal and Bourbon Streets, both that drew big crowds of people who got so swept up in the music. (I posted some photos below, but you can find more photos on Tom’s Think Visual blog). […]

  3. mac Says:

    What a great clip – and pics! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good Set of really good articles Says:

    Good Set of really good articles…

    […]Le Bon Temps ?? NOLA: Music « Thinkvisual's Blog[…]…

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