“Now they know how many holes it takes. . .

. . .to fill the Albert Hall.”

-Lennon and McCartney, A Day in the Life

Forty years ago, you could find this blasting out of dorm rooms, as well as car radios. Once I remember a DJ playing this twice. One hundred years later, it is still a pretty interesting concept. Start with one song, interject another, then cut back. This kind of thing had a big effect on some of Pink Floyd’s stuff. George Martin loved strings and all the things that made Sargent Pepper what it was. The White Album, was a kitchen sink of stuff, you could just about play anything. Smart marketing released another version of Revolution, so you thought you were drugged out when you heard the album.

I’ve been looking over this video, and noticed I think, Marianne Faithful, George Martin, Patti Boyd, Mick, Keith, Donovan Leitch  and could that be Mike Nesmith in one frame?

It opens typically Lennon in his late style, clean until it gets to the piano track, then the crescendo and McCartney’s vocal. Very upbeat, back to Lennon and the second bigger crescendo and the piano climax. And the resonance. . .they always said you could hear the keyboard being closed and the footsteps leaving from it.

There is only one song I loved more, of the rock stuff, and that was the original Layla by Derek and the Dominos, not that thing Clapton does today. There is a whole story about that piano track and the guy who played it.

Albert Hall is a pretty big place and I am sure, it would take a lot of holes to fill it. Leave it to Lennon to come up with that one. The Capitol is a pretty big place, and I wonder if they know how many ‘holes it would take to fill that?

I’d love to turn you on.


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