Very grand Class Vegas: The Bellagio

The water shows go on all day, many people stop just to watch.

Caesar’s was nice, and probably the cleanest hotel I have ever been in in my whole life. But if I should ever go back to Vegas, I would try to stay, at an off-day rate at the Bellagio. I don’t know if that would ever happen. You have to hand Steve Wynn his head, the place is like visiting a castle. Something out of your dreams.

Who has a sitting area in the check-in area in Vegas, the only one I ever saw was at the Bellagio.

Who exactly has a Chihuly ceiling in the lobby (Fiori di Como), another sculpture in a large sitting area, and paintings all over as if it was a gallery? In fact, the only real art museum, aside from the outdoor neon exhibit, and the Boneyard is inside the Bellagio. I was too cheap to go that day, it had one of those corporate traveling shows, I am so adamant about. The ones “funded” by IBM or Shell Oil, that plaster their name shamelessly and let you pay an extra admission on. Those.

Now image you are ready to go for a walk, you catch that beautiful entrance, not huge and grandiose like the Venice, but you keep walking and lo and behold, past the giant man-made lake, sits the sight of Paris across. Whoa!

A Chihuly, Gauguin and van Gogh watch over knocked out patrons.

Signed J. Waid

Pleasant gaming area

Around the lobby.

Fresh flowers

Beauty in detail, mosaic floor in Conservatory

Various lobby freebies are the wonderful Conservatory and Botanical Gardens which is just a pleasant trip to walk around in.

Bel Âge. Bellagio. Beautiful age, the Clinton 90s seriously were.


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