Slots Vegas: In your own screen

The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.

– Wilson Mizner

Oh, geez, Dorothy and the gang, even the Wiz!

I never had anything against gambling. Coming from a line of peoples who played cards religiously, and a second generation of people who spent large multitudes of their time in front of slot machines, I have nothing to say on the action. On the other hand, I always thought of slots as kind of ugly jukeboxes. So of course, in Vegas, you know it is kind of ooh la lah!

So if I was exploring the aesthetic of Vegas, somewhere in between, I would have a crack at looking at slots, which I have never understood the compulsion of anyone to play. But then, it dawned on me–oh, yes–the mentality of a screen. This love affair began somewhere with the little “cheaters” and has gone on to your own personal ipad and phone. It is nothing new, and seems to be ingrained in our culture. For example, playing the tables puts you in touch with real people, so do the ponies, jai alai or any such thing. The drop off in movie sales may be more a condition of isolation, than destination.

I could not believe the immaculate floor in the Venetian. Did you ever notice how slots people kind of zone out in their own planet? Even if they are going to sit next to each other?

The real trip in Circus Circus (left) is the trapeze act, which the lady on the left, is living in her own screen! Likewise, the statue a hommage to Michelangelo and the pseudo-fresco reminescent of Raphael’s stanzas, is lost to the badly dressed slotters, likewise their own screen (right).

Billy Crystal at the Oscars, referred to everyone with screens. I have commented on it with my kids. What we need is a chip in our head. Bypass the optic nerve and go right to the seven sectors. Kind of like Oliver Stones, “Wild Palms” Meanwhile back at the casino. . .

Slots, sluts and booze. Caesar’s still likes those slots with the levers (left and center). A little more esoteric at the Venetian (right), “peel me a drink, Beulah”.

American Idol, huh?

These two were very popular in many casinos.



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