Home: Deliteful DeLand

The delightful Athen’s Theatre, a local movie palace of the era of Atlanta’s Fox.

Sometimes I don’t think, and this was one of those times. I took my camera, I even took another battery, which I did need, but forgot to take an extra card! The bad thing about big cards is that they won’t let you access previous files when you are checking on the camera. Sort of like landlocked. Well, anyway, someone had this idea we could go up to DeLand. DeLand is the home of Stetson University, and the county seat of Volusia, which you might know because it also contains Daytona Beach.

Veteran’s Plaza: The Neoclassical facade obliterates the beauty of the copper clad dome (top left, also below). Public art, Butch Charlan’s Stretcher (bottom left) and Jill Cannady’s A Conversation over Chess in 1929 (bottom right).

While Orlando, has made a point to destroy any of its history in the past 30 years that I can remember, some small surrounding towns (Eatonville, Sanford) have pumped in money to show what parts of it were worth remembering. DeLand was one of them, as it is a college town. Like many, you will find lots of local restaurants, but these town centers never reachieved any status because I guess it would be like trying to watch black and white TV. The world moved forward. I have a curiosity as what will happen when the old shopping mawls of the 70s and 80s become real dinosaurs, will there be any movement to to historically “save” them.

I am a sucker for brickwork and terra cotta ornamentation. That period through the twenties was amazing. Directly above, a little gem.

DeLand also has two small museums. The medical arts one, is closed over the weekend. The Museum of Florida Art, is small, but seems to be motivated to show the works of less known Florida artists. Again we run into “no photo” things, but was able to photograph a few pieces.

One should always support local artists, just for the fact that it promotes the place you live, and sometimes locals surprise you and become national!

Doris Leeper‘s Multiple Images #3 (left) and Karl Zerbe New Orleans Signs #4 (right).


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