ANY: And away we go!

In a year of so many pointless moments, here it is almost at the end. The year idiot politicians, Scott and (un)Wise among them, played out legislation to further humiliate teachers, in the continuing grab of the forever wrong Right wing to return schools to pre-Brown (un)glory days. Which is all this really ever is, wanting to turn the clock back to the bad old days.

In the guise of making education more of what they want they have siphoned off funds to the private sector: textbook makers, test-makers and blowhards like Marzano* (a three to four year classroom “veteran” of classroom teaching). Did you ever see anything more crappy and costly than the lunches and breakfasts they give kids today since lunches were taken over by “private” sector. And yes, let’s hear it for my favorite: the CHARTER school. I love that one, take the best kids out of a bad neighborhood, and the funds with them, and produce geniuses. Not quite, here they have closed a few.

In the meantime, the stupid union, would do better uncovering this caca, rather than run around saying teachers are doing better. I heard the moron from the union on a Sunday blowhard show and nearly fell off my chair. Teachers don’t make policy and they don’t set curricular standards. That, my dears, comes from your School Boards and Bored of Ed, which have become political breadbaskets, since they make a lot more money than the average teacher does!!!!

*How come every time I go looking for credible research which would validate the Marzano method, I come away with nothing. There are NO real numbers (test scores, student achievement scores, etc.) which tell me his methods really work.

Teachers run around like they are statisticians these days (they are not), in this modern world of “sports” theory. That is, focus on raising weak parts of scores-and voila!-test scores rise, NOT students get smarter.


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