FOLK3 Santa Fe: Coming to you live. . . festival opens

Augustin and family, one of the great artists at the Festival

This is the third one I have been to. They are wonderful, well organized. There are over 80 countries and 150+ folk artists who do such things as turn gourds into fine art sculptures, as well as quilters who start out with men’s old clothing and dirt floors and turn out magic. They come to Santa Fe, well, to make money. They come to show what they can do in that entrepreneurial spirit that we so admire here. In the March of Artists near the railroad yard, they were introduced en masse to the city. From Pakistan to Cuba, from Israel to Palestine. They all came in peace, to sell and display their wonderful work.

The crowds were plentiful and went home with armfuls of carvings, jewelry, cloth work, glass, basketry, and so forth. The craft was beautiful as were the native costumes worn by both locals, tourists and artisians under that beautiful skies behind the backdrop of clear semi-arid mountains up on Museum hill. The museums on the hill are open for free and people were encouraged in between being entertained, buying and learning, to go in cool off, and learn a little more. Both the Internation Craft Museum and the wonderful Museum of Indian Arts & Culture offer so much. Around the corner a few paces is the wonderful Wheelwright museum, with an everchanging collection.

It was a chance for Santa Fe to show off its style, it breeding and its smarts. No wonder a lot of people like to come here. It is more than just the Plaza, more than the State Capital, or the colonial Catholic churches (one the oldest in the country). It is a friendly place, with good food, good art and artisans. And the money the folk artists take home with them, goes back to their villages and towns!

Don’t miss it Sunday, if you have not gone.


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