FOLK3 Santa Fe: Coming to you live. . .preview

I started this a few days ago. This is a blog I am doing right from New Mexico. There is no photoshop, there is whatever I get. But it is funny to be writing a blog not a year from now. I am here with a group and we are doing the Sante Fe Folk Art Festival. Friday we are on the hill, Museum Hill, where there are 4 museums which you can walk to. Small, but well done, as is the case of Santa Fe. A good place to get a meal, fairly sleepy and somewhat safe, touristy, but still as one of the oldest cities in the United States, continuously inhabited, it is really cool. It has its own style, and it is often walkable. At least the “historic” area.

So Friday was the International Folk Art Museum and seeing the set up, and the night was a small procession of the artists of over fifty countries who bring their unique wares to Sante Fe, for sale. The money goes back to the villages from where the artists came, hopefully enriching them and their community.

There were also a few bands performing live, including the wonderful  African Show Boyz from Ghana who were as entertaining as they were energetic.

Off to a great start on a Friday night.


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One Response to “FOLK3 Santa Fe: Coming to you live. . .preview”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    this makes me really excited for what’s to come on our tour of NM in two weeks. coming from a rather blah-looking place, i love seeing all the color.

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