No chichi: CHICAGO!

Blues Bros. check out Midway action

A few days can clear out your nostrils, etc. and remind an Easterner who travels West, that there is life in between and often life cosmopolitan. Chicago has all the sophistication of the big East cities, while still retaining some of the easy of the mid-West.

The Navy Pier need not obscure the beauty of the skyline. . .

nor does the river.

After all this is the city of Adler and Sullivan, as well as Wright. These folks were the home of the first skyscrapers. They also had that loop, that branched out into a metro system, and is still pretty easy to ride.

Greeting from the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

It hurt to see the North side of Chicago, where I saw some old neighborhoods where houses that might have once been there were razed to the ground, leaving asymmetrical arrangements of houses on some streets visible to the eye from the green line. I could also see, even through clean clothes and brushed hair, a certain element of poverty that had set in. As well as a few crazies, mostly women, who spoke to themselves, and sometimes others, with words beginning in m, f and s.

This was the city that gave us Jane Addams and the Hull-House settlement crowd, which revolutionized the way we think about our society. This building housed the brains that developed the blueprint for Social Science, furthered feminism, child care and civil rights. Remember Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle used Chicago as its setting.

Wow! Two top notch museums, the CTA system, Lake Michigan and the Navy Pier, a real Chinatown and tons of interesting architecture. Now that’s no chichi. That’s something to dance about! Thanks, Chicago. More to come.


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  1. dweebcentric Says:

    i really like the “Hi” shot.

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