Ich bin ein Wiener: Streetdreams

Ooh la lah, this one turned heads.

Sometimes images we catch out of the sides of our eyes, have more to do with what a city is all about than all the tourist stuff you could cram into a book. I believe Rome is like that, so is New York. Vienna has some comic and odd turns of events. Always stylish.

It was interesting to see the difference between trip 1 in March and trip 2 in August. I shot a lot less street, so I owe many of the shots to Janene.

Never has a schmuck been so devalued.

Both images were unexpected. The one of the blue woman was beautifully done, in a quiet neighborhood up the hill from the Naschmarkt.

Did you notice that the woman in Hunger Games looked like she was Veronika Voss on acid? There seems to be some weird allusions in the 21st to some of the Fassbinder women, the one above could have been in a subdued character in The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant?



One Response to “Ich bin ein Wiener: Streetdreams”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    i forgot about the bilboard for skinny. even i found that one momentarily startling. talk about pushing limits…

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