Calm B4 • Storm: 3 dz/3 ctys/6 mseum pt1


For the third year in a row, traveling up to NYC, a series of interesting events comes into play. Last year it was the snow storm before Halloween. This year a hurricane, Sandy. With all the aplomb of bronzed rats the likes of Chris Christie and Bloomberg forewarning all citizens THE storm is coming and we will tolerate nothing less. Bloomberg, garbed in a light blue cashmere sweater, recent as the destroyer of the 32 oz. Big Gulp, was prepared to take on Sandy single-handedly. Ugh, and godspeed.

Even James Bond couldn’t save us from the onslaught of paranoia instilled by Christie and Bloomberg.

After scaring the bejeebers out of me, and dozens of New Yorkers, it would be wonderful to go back and listen to political campaign ads. New York and Jersey folk don’t know which is worse, the upcoming Sandy or the hot air from windbag politicians in their states.

I got an early bird look at a pastel version of The Scream at MoMA and ran back to metro DC, as fast as the car could take us. Bad enough New Yorkers must go through the angst of facing a hurricane, but the onslaught of officials who are talking to you like your father would talk to an idiot, is paralyzing.


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