Weekend in nc

Beautiful morning light in living room of soft pink with pale gold rug

It is a strange world, only because it is today and I am in a room more like thirty to fifty years ago, in my aunt’s house. This was a world in which the most modern thing in the room might have been a television in a cabinet. It was the world Spielberg tried to explore in Back to the Future, but his looked like it came out of a bunch of stills of old movies. My aunt’s living room has genuine 1950s or 60s wall to wall wool carpet.

The porch is (right) out of the old time, rattan and wicker with the old battleship gray porch paint.

I love the way, while the plan is central, the porch  extends left, extending the top and shifting the balance.

I somehow doubt that the porch and steps (above) were original. Certainly the little windows date it from another period. The brickwork of the porch seems more like 50s or 60s to me. Most of the houses, including this one, date to the 1920s. Many with porches. This was a small town with a railroad stop, it exported denim jeans or something years back. That is all gone now, it remains a distant town to Raleigh.

I loved the truck parked right on the grass.

I couldn’t get over this little store, which is still sort of in business.

Look at the glass doors, the large awning and the two steps up. Beyond this store is a local boulevard, with strip malls and a WalMart, Dollar Tree  and Sonics not too far away. We kind of forget the way the world used to be. This gives us a peek into a past which is slowly disappearing.


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