Live from ATL: Thanksgive


You can’t find too much open downtown, but the Aquarium was open.

What a great idea. For the first time in years a chance to be somewhere else, than home, with family members. We have turkey all year long, and often nicely many times during the year. I am re-evaluating always our primary dependency on Anglo based history, coming first from NYC who Dutch roots predate the British, and now living in FL, which hails its roots to Spain. That is, our Euroroots. A lot of our indigenous roots have been displaced, dispersed or decapitated from their origin.

World of Coca Cola was not open, not that I was crying, they even locked the park.

But Coca does do a great job promoting itself, so I won’t here. I know they are big since they are top 10/Fortune 500. But so are the Koch Brothers with GP. I rather have a day of thanks. There are still a ton of homeless you can find around Underground Atlanta, giant shopping mall that it is, was not open today. Although I believe the High was.

Anderson Cooper could not be with us today, but his presence could be felt at Centennial Olympic Park.

A perfect autumn day in Atlanta.

Lots of people in the park just hanging out.

Later on we went over to the Colonnade for their version of a Thanksgiving feast. It is a comfort to return there, they had plenty of folk outside waiting to get in. We got there after 5 and they first estimated a 2 hour wait. There must be people who may make this a tradition.

After the acorn squash bisque and the cranberry salad, the turkey with many sides, mine were simply Southern rice with giblet gravy and Brussels sprout.

Oh yeah. There was that mince meat pie, which the waitress asked if i wanted it heated. Wonderful. The last part of the evening was over at Macy’s where there is a tradition of the tree on top of the store gets lit up, and there are fireworks. There was a lot of fun and a good time.

Macy’s provided the tree on top, and various entertainments  

We waited, the wonderful young lady on the wall did a great version of “All I Want for Christmas,” the old Mariah Carey standard. The Shake a Weight person got shot with a happy bystander.

Once the tree lit and the fireworks went kaboom! you knew were a viewer of someone else’s traditions. Happy T-day.


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