Live from ATL: Another black friday

Instead of spending time in some lame Atlanta mall, why not visit the King Center in Sweet Auburndale

Instead of being a consumer of some bullshit you don’t need to buy, holiday or not. Then, stay out of the shopping mall, and start using your Atlanta time to realize a group of consumers who took matters into their own hands and got the country under control. I mean the Freedom Riders.

“We don’t shop where we can’t eat.” Proved Woolworth and others had to make sure Jim Crow would go.

Dr. King’s work is still powerful work and comes across to this day as being just as relevant in the tech age as it was pre-Civil rights. Dr. King was not a fairy tale, he was a real person and missed. No one has taken his place, in his sense of fairness and conscience. The King Center is free, with lots of parking and offers a chance to see both the house his grandparents lived and he spent his young days in after birth. Down the street is the Ebenezer Baptist Church, and of course the crypt site.

Romney spent so much time running against Jimmy Carter, as much as he did Obama, he might want to spend some time at the end of Freedom Parkway and see what it takes to be a real president. In light of the recent Gaza incident, the work done by Carter in the peace accords over thirty years ago, remind us of what work remains to be done.

Carter tried, and actually was, successful at initiating a new tone of compromise and cooperation between Israel and some of her neighbors.

Carter also tried like hell to get a new awareness going to change the way we (mis)used energy. The impact of what he did, even today is realized way beyond his time. I don’t think we would be allowing BP to tell us every 20 minutes on TV how lucky we are that they are spending millions in the Gulf, after causing a complete disaster and then sinking oil chemically rather than getting rid of it. Romney’s recent statements about regulation sound a lot like the guy below.

I was perplexed by this shot. No one ever mentioned it was Carter, not Clinton, who first had Nixon back to the White House for a State Dinner.

We spent a little time at the High, I would love to show you photos, but you know how that one goes. It is the only place I have to sign a contract to shoot photos and not be able to electronically share. It also has a $15 dollar parking lot.

Evening at the Buckhead Fellini’s

Check out Atlanta pizza. We don’t ever shop where we eat.


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